Clinics and Services

Practice Nurses

Our practice nurses are highly qualified nurses who can help you with everything from long-termmanagement of chronic diseases to health promotion and screening.

  • Asthma, COPD & Diabetes Monitoring asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and diabetes to prevent complication and optimise medication.
  • Child Health Monitoring child development and administering vaccination and immunisations including MMR2.
  • Contraception We can provide you with the full range of contraception, from free condoms to the morning-after pill, as well as offering general sexual health advice, Chlamydia testing and cervical screening.
  • Sexual Health Advice General sexual health advice and cervical screening and STD testing.
  • Vaccinations and Immunisations Child immunisations including immunisations for babies. We also do travel vaccinations, but please ensure that you have your vaccinations at least four weeks prior to travel.

Healthcare Assistant?

Working under the supervision of a qualified nurse, Our health care assistant is also actively involved in community outreach.

  • Bloods Routine blood tests.
  • Cholesterol Checking We offer routine monitoring and a test to those with a family history of raised cholesterol.
  • Health Assessment Health assessment offered to everyone.
  • Weight / Diet Providing advice on diet and exercise. If necessary you will be referred to the dietitian.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Health and care professionals provide care as a local team. This means that the right people can work together to ensure your care is planned and co-ordinated. They work within strict rules and focus on getting the best outcomes for their patients. They are ethically accountable to their professional bodies for their actions, including on what is appropriate to share and when. Sharing is subject to strict written agreements and/or contracts on how it will be used with tight controls to maintain confidentiality and security.